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Success Stories

In 2015, the public safety division of Gabel Management Consulting was requested to assist in restarting a closed Advanced Life Support medical transport company.  Given just a large box of supplies and a desktop computer, we were able to put together a fully functioning service that met Department of Health licensing criteria.  Two months into their operation, we were asked to figure out why the company was having a 60% on time pick up rate when it should be 95% or higher.  Upon review of the process and the data, it was determined that the employees were relying on their leadership to tell them when to leave for their appointment, but when leadership was busy handling other issues the appointments were missed.  The daily schedule posted every morning, a $15 clock in the crew office, and creating ownership within the employees was all it took to return the company to a 98% on time rate.  Word of mouth spread throughout the community the next few months and by month 8, the company was financially in the black and maintained that status throughout the remainder of their operation.

In 2015, a mother and son medical transportation company was struggling for business and within weeks of shutting down for good.  They sought out Gabel Management Consulting to see if there was a way we could help.  Through the strong network of Gabel Management Consulting, we were able to find them a contract as a secondary contractor.  When the primary contractor ceased operations, they were able to take the primary contract.  Five years later, that company runs multiple vehicles across multiple locations and is paying one of the highest salaries in the area.  All it took was one connection and some light coaching to save their company.

In 2018 we were asked to evaluate why a particular department in a large company was having poor performance issues.  We spent time with that department, interviewed the employees, and found that one of the popular employees had a poor attitude because of issues with his manager.  When asked, he stated that he was passed over for promotion and advanced training multiple times because he thought his manager did not like him.  Upon observing his work, he was so good at his job that he looked like he was not doing anything because he was doing it so fast which led to his manager looking to him unfavorably.  This issue was addressed with both parties and corrections were made.  Upon our 3 month follow up, that employee was given advanced training, became a backup supervisor, and the morale of the department improved drastically.