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Human Resources

Human Resources is the backbone of every business and carries special considerations but you may not have the staffing or know how to handle these situations correctly. This is where human resources consulting comes in. Our consultants have extensive human resources experience that can provide you with short-term support in difficult situations or assist you in tasks that you do not normally perform on a daily basis. We understand that these are delicate matters that have the potential to greatly impact your company and we take special care to ensure you are protected by reaching the best possible outcome for all parties involved.  All are services are specifically designed to help minimize any liability that may arise from hiring, having, or terminating employees.


Is there a need to terminate an employee but the employee is in a high-level position, has a personal connection to another employee in a leadership position, you believe this employee will cause problems, or there is need to close your business laying off your entire staff?  Our consultants can provide this service for you hassle-free and without bias.  We have a 34 point checklist that we go over with you to help you, as an employer, evaluate the situation, along with the preceding events, and make the correct decision to terminate the employee while minimizing your liability.  Our consultants will be in the room with you while the termination is being performed or can provide this service for you.  We also provide guidance before, during, and after termination along with providing documentation afterwards for the company’s records. Constables (armed law enforcement officers) are also available to assist in this process if you feel the termination would become hostile.


​Incidents will happen that require an investigation and you may be worried that your internal investigation would be construed as biased or unfair.  Our experienced investigators can step in and ensure that the process is carried out in a fair, unbiased, and professional manner while removing the natural bias and maintaining the integrity of the business. We review the company’s culture, handbook, and procedures followed by conducting in-person interviews with all parties affected.  Once we have reached our findings, we issue a report of the findings along with recommendations for further action followed by a debrief with leadership.  All investigations are completed in a timely and confidential manner.


Conducting an internal hire is a delicate matter in which other employees may feel favoritism is being shown towards a particular candidate. We can provide additional support finding the best candidate for the role to eliminate concerns and reduce liability.  Our consultants will conduct an unbiased interview process based on your outlined qualifications.  We will provide a document recommending the best candidate interviewed to reduce the liability associated with this process and provide peace of mind for the company.

Employee Handbooks/Policy Manual

An Employee Handbook provides established guidelines and rules for your company to ensure consistency and limit your liability.  If you have one or more employees, you need to have your policies outlined to avoid future hassle and to ensure your employees understand what is expected of them.  Our consultants have created numerous handbooks ranging from a full handbook/policy and procedure manual to a web based service, and everything in between.  We will sit down with you, learn and understand your business, go over your policies, and make recommendations that best fit your company. 

Team/Leadership Dynamics

Companies cannot thrive when there is a disconnect between the leaders and team members. However, finding common ground and providing the training or coaching necessary to overcome any miscommunications or misdirection can require an outside and unbiased perspective. Our team employs highly skilled leaders who are able to quickly identify any issues and provide immediate solutions.  We can address the issues and make recommendations for the situation that best fit the needs of the business. 

Change Management

Change is something that every business requires in order to grow as an organization and to maintain its client base, but that change does not come easily.  You will face employees who do not agree with or see benefit in this change and may fight back, particularly with a change from the usual ways.  Our consultants understand your company, your vision, and will plan a rollout of the change through the various stages while addressing any concerns that may arise resulting in a higher implementation success rate.

Fractional Human Resources

The average human resources professional can cost a business anywhere from $40,000 to $120,000 per year depending on the role. If you run a small business with a small staff, this cost may not be worth having someone dedicated to that role, but you still need someone with experience in that position. This is where Fractional HR comes in. Fractional HR is an outsourced professional that has years of experience in human resources but only provides their services to your company for a few hours week. Our consultants have the experience to handle your small business needs while giving you the resources of large a HR department for a fraction of the cost of a full time employee. If you feel like this would benefit your business, please contact us so we can discuss your needs and tailor fit a solution to fit you.