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Operations Management

​From the office to the production floor, we can help you understand your production numbers and develop a process that will increase your output while maintaining or improving quality and efficiency.  We are well versed in many areas of operations and can help you integrate various practices and optimize multiple areas to increase productivity

Fulfillment Operations

Whether you’re just getting started shipping inventory, need help optimizing your fulfillment operations, or need support in expanding to a larger warehouse, our team has years of experience in the fulfillment, warehousing, and supply chain industries and can show you which areas need improvement and ways to optimize the process.  Our consultants have worked with Fortune 500 fulfillment operations, are Lean Six Sigma Certified (black belt or higher), and have the knowledge and experience to bring their clients to that top tier level while maintaining an efficient operation.

Warehouse Evaluations

Have you ever wondered how your warehouse is doing on a larger scale or would like to get an outside opinion on your operations?  Our consultants can come to your warehouse and evaluate your operations.  We have a 1-2 day evaluation process (based on the size of your operation) starting with the inbound receiving dock following the process to your outbound ship dock, evaluating everything in between.  We will make recommendations for potential process improvements, ways to minimize inefficiencies, potential safety issues, and other observations.  At the end of the evaluation, we sit down with leadership to go over our evaluation on the day it has concluded and provide written feedback 1-2 days after.

Process Design

Implementing a new process can be difficult and if you don’t get it correct or near correct on the first try, it may cost you thousands of dollars in inventory, raw materials, labor, or cost of low quality.  Our consultants can help you design the process by evaluating the required functions, making recommendations to improve the process prior to implementation, minimize excess movement and waste, and provide the change management for the process.

Process Improvement

​Very few processes are designed perfectly or even near perfect.  These design flaws can create problems or defects with your product or service causing a decrease in business, not to mention the expenses caused by this.  Our Lean Six Sigma certified team have been trained to spot waste and design deficiencies and can provide you with realistic ways to improve in order to streamline your day-to-day operations, reduce expenses, and maximize your growth potential.